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Activities & Projects

We provide a German-language platform that generates critical and constructive impulses for the development of a future fit economy and economic science.

Our core focus is an understanding of the economy that recognizes and takes its ecological and social foundations into account and recognizes the democratic scope for shaping it.

To this end we carry out the following projects:

Debate series

Continuation in makronom

September 2020 – Our debate series enters its second round. This means that we will focus on new impulses for new economic thinking as well as on aspects of the climate change debate that have so far received little attention. A selected contribution is published weekly.


Beyond economics as usual

July 2020 – To better address the general disciplinary inertia in the face of the climate crisis.

E4F International has conducted interviews with nine leading economists. The report also addresses the question what the climate crisis means for the discipline of economics.


Economics education

July 2020 – In the face of the corona crisis, it is clear that economics education must change. We therefore call on all those involved to reform university economics teaching this winter semester.

More than 40 institutions support the call so far. There are numerous resources that can be used for this purpose.


Climate crisis & economics

May 2020 – The climate crisis affects not only environmental economics, but the entire discipline. Even in the face of the corona pandemic, the issue retains its urgency.
With this contribution we would like to initiate concrete discussions about necessary and appropriate consequences for the discipline of economics.


Inspirations for doing it differently

Here you can find various materials and in the future also best-practice examples, which can be used as inspiration for (your own) economics teaching.

Textbooks, Readers & Syllabi
Edited Volumes


Shaping change.

Here you can find various impulses that make suggestions for institutional changes and discuss concrete consequences for the economy and business.

Recommendations for economic policy
Debate series:
Economists for Future
Recent publications


Statements in support of Economists for Future


Economists for Future
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The German-speaking part of Economists for Future connects people from civil society, politics and science for a critical-constructive exchange on economics in order to actively participate in the social debate on economic issues and to develop alternatives to current economic thinking and action.


In the course of the Fridays for Future demonstrations, we emerged in the spring 2019 from the Network for pluralist economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.).  We see ourselves as part of the international E4F movement, with which we are in regular exchange.

Current global challenges such as the climate crisis, pandemics, social inequality and flight migration, as well as the associated economic crises, demand an economic rethink. Economic thinking must enable an economy that serves the good of all without exploiting nature and human beings. This requires democratic paths for a socio-ecological transformation. The development of a new economic understanding that finds answers to the crises requires a constructive-critical exchange based on diverse perspectives. 



The E4F initiative group, which has been operating on a voluntary basis, is in the process of establishing institutional structures. Further information will follow. Questions, suggestions and support are welcome.

Some voices from the German speaking part of the E4F-Team

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